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Expected Start Date of Project:

April/May 2023

Working Documentary Titles:

  1. 'My Uncle Jimi'

  2. 'Living Hendrix'

  3. 'Being Hendrix'

  4. 'Tina Hendrix Presents…'

Running Time Solutions:

  • 6-part, Documentary series. Total running time: 180 minutes; 30 minutes/per episode. 

  • 1-part, full Documentary. Total running time: 90 minutes


  1. Narration, Interviews to camera, on location filming, on festival location

  Location sites:

  1. London, England/Seattle/New York/ Northridge/Isle of Wight, England

  Primary Locations:

   London/Seattle/Isle of Wight

  Secondary Locations:

   New York

Key Contributors:

  • Tina Hendrix

  • Jimi Hendrix’s daughter

  • The last remaining group member from Jimi's original Band of Gypsies group

  • Global Director of Marshall Amplifications

  • Global Head of music Marshall Amplifications

  • MOBO Awards Director 

  • UK based Director JBL Harman UK

  • Tutu Balogun

  • Various performing artists of the Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival. [Example Ms. Lauryn Hill etc…]

  • Multiple of Global DJ's TBC

  • Other various artists influenced by Tina Hendrix’s Uncle

  • Pandora executives

  • UK music Execs

  • U.S music Execs

  • The Students of the Hendrix Music Academy


Tina Hendrix is the Niece of Jimi Hendrix. She was born in 1974 and raised in Seattle Washington where she still resides along with her husband and children. Tina is a mother of four who, like her uncle learned the language of music and was bitten by the bug. She heart belongs to the Violin but she also plays Piano, and numerous wind instruments.  

12 years ago Tina took over the biological family’s annual responsibility to celebrate her Uncle through a memorial.  She is known to organise and participate in peaceful marches in aid of peace amongst society


Tina is also the proud founder of The Hendrix Music Academy which is a registered non-profit organisation that teaches music and life values to underprivileged children; citing that, it’s hard enough in life and every child should have something to fall into and focus on even if their parents don’t have the funds; otherwise, it’s can be easy to lose their way in life.







Born in 1942 and still active at 80 years old in 2023, Sultan is referred to as a living legend in the music industry.       

He's is one  of the two remaining band members of Jimi’s Band of Gypsys; as such along with the rest of the band, Juma helped to create a historical moment in time via Jimi’s legendary performance at Woodstock Festival of 1969

Sultan & Hendrix met in Harlem in the early 60’s where they first sparked up a friendship when Jimi came back to America after his 1st visit to London they continued in their new friendship and went on to work together; was aided by both music and personal comradely admiration. Their friendship maintained until the end.


Although he’s better known as a Jazz musician, Sultan has clearly had one hand in Rock music history; He went on to appear on many of Jimi’s, post life releases up until 2013; but at that point, Juma had long since moved on to the next stage of his career. When it comes to his choice of instruments, Sultan is known for being a Bass Player and Percussionist but plays a plethora of instruments which lends to his eclectic an earthy styles of performances. Till this day, Sultan continues to tour the world over… click the link below for more on Juma Sultan






Born to Jimi Hendrix and her African American mother; this particular daughter has been noted for looking like the spitting image of her father.

Jimi passed away at a younger than expected age so Daughter never truly had a chance to bond with her father; her mother was sadly taken away just a few years later from suicide. This has and will always remain with Daughter H as she navigates through her own carved out journey in life. With 3 children of her own which she refers to as Aliens from another galaxy.


Daughter H lives in New York and is just that, a New Yorker through and through! With her own independent company in the music industry she has a circle of friends who also belong to the music industry, some of whom are high profile in their careers. Regardless, she has managed to maintain a supportive back seat position for her cousin, Tina Hendrix.


In more recent times, seeing the efforts that Tina has put in place to maintain the remembrance of Daughter H’s father, she has slowly started stepping more and more into the forefront with a passionate energy on a more personal level.


Daughter H has been keen to find her (half) brother from Jimi’s side of the family who has disappeared into obscurity after it was alleged that he was paid by the Institution to disappear from the Hendrix Estate. This and the need to keep her family together is a of huge priority to Daughter H in the here and now.















Tutu has basically grown up with music and art always taking centre stage in her life; this being the case, she would eventually go on to study degree level, Graphic Design at the world famous University of Arts London Tutu went on to work in the music industry and there she has stayed for the last 20+ years. Tutu’s skillsets enable her to cultivate new spaces for musically lead projects.


Wearing the hat of a DeeJay she has worked with London Fashion Week, Def Jam USA deeJay’s and deejayed in numerous festivals across numerous countries in Europe before moving forward to a space to be able to be part of the festival organisational team.


As a radio Presenter/Producer, Tutu started her professional journey working at the, then pioneering number one radio station for Hip Hop & R&B “Choice FM” which has since reshaped itself as what is known today as Capital Xtra. Going to being poached by Channel 4 to produce and present her own black music radio show. She has interviewed very many celebrities from the world of black Music; John Legend, Christina Aguilera, Busta Rhythms, Erick Sermon, Rihanna, Missy Elliot and so, so many others; Tutu was also the last person to interview Amy Winehouse for a UK Magazine (Time Out London).


In 2018 Tutu chose to incorporate her Graphics abilities as another powerhouse string to the bow that is her career in music; she expanded her own professional services to provide elaborate creative graphic visuals for the purpose of vinyl covers and music events, marketing posters.

In the lockdown of 2020 Tutu decided to build her own website and start her own media production company in order to encourage free, creative expression and contribute to the industry in a more tangible way. launched in December 2020 and was then introduced to the biological Hendrix family soon thereafter; the rest is history.



JBL HARMAN are an audio manufacturer specialising in speakers amongst many other Audio-Tech based items. The company has been I existence for over 75 years and are currently owned by Samsung

Over the years their Ambassadors have included the likes of Paul McCartney, Quincy Jones, George Clinton. As a company they’ve won several Grammy’s for their audio excellence before going on to partner with the Grammy’s alongside new partnerships with Coachella in the United States and Tomorrowland Festival which is the largest festival in Europe.


JBL’s long standing history was further cemented in one of the Audio-tech companies prime positions when they supplied for the legendary Woodstock Festival of 69” JBL still have some of the equipment that aided all performances at that festival including Jimi Hendrix’s performance Carlos Santana etc; and indeed at the legendary Isle of Wight Festival, from previous times gone by. Click the link below for more on JBL...



Having worked for JBL Harman for 21 years, Mark Hockey is the longest employed senior member of staff at JBL Harman in the UK (and possibly globally). Mark has kept up a healthy space of growth in his position in Marketing at Harman Consumers division. As a result, he has had the unique opportunity of working with and overseeing a multitude of JBL’s European and indeed, global partnership initiatives with many events such as Glastonbury festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Wireless and so many more. Mark was introduced to Tutu back in 2019 whilst she was building an initiative to aid the creative artists in UK’s independent music space.


Marshall Amplifications PLC are one of two names synonymous with Jimi Hendrix (the other being Fender) and more than make up a third of a magical recipe that brought the world Jimi Hendrix as we came to know him.

Ironically the company was started by another Jimmy Marshall in Milton Keynes, England back in the 1950’s. there has been a long Rock n Roll road ever since! From providing Jimi with the Amp that he swore by till the end through to a newer time, servicing the likes of who’s who in the rock world; Lenny Kravitz, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Guns n Roses through to present day where you can see Marshall in the studio with Kanye West and in an ironic twist along side Lenny, you can expect to see Jason Mamoa, rocking out with the aid of Marshall Amplifications – he claims to be one of Marshall's biggest fans… Everybody in the world of music see’s Marshall as part of a success story in their careers and it all comes down to one historical, key relationship in the 1960’s between Marshall & Jimi Hendrix. Today they're pulling in multiple award wins with their cherry picked signed artist such as Nova Twins...



Steve Tannett has had a hand in the music industry for several decades. Previously, he’s worked with the likes of REMThe Police, Duran Duran, and Black Sabbath, who he signed in the late ’80s, to name a few.


In 2023, Steve Tannett is Marshall Amplifications PLC’s Global Director of Music. When Tannett was hired to head up the fledgling Marshall Records in 2016, it was front page news in Music Week as he outlined his vision for the label. “Our roots go back to the legends of rock. But our motivation is to find the next generation,” Tannett said at the time. He has since Led the label in signing artists who have recently gone on to rack up awards and nominations in the world of Rock and Alternative Music.



















Alex Coombes is the CMD of Marshall Amplifications. He joined the team in 2017 and was very quickly propelled into the ultimate senior position after just a few years; as such, Coombes is the youngest ever CMD for the company. Make no mistake, Coombes has a longstanding relationship with Rock music with a passion to highlight the origins of rock and roll. Coombs joined forces with UK’s number one annual black music awards better known as The M.O.B.O Awards to bring forth a new award category that celebrates black people in Rock music as a way of recognition for rock origins. He speaks passionately about the subject.

Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 00.20.31.png
steve tannett_edited.jpg

Documentary style:


Expository, participatory, entertainment

**Outside of these key contributors, there are set to be other special appearances throughout the documentary including live performances**






An enigmatic Jimi Hendrix was born in 1942. Although he lived a short life with an untimely end in 1970, it was 28 years that moulded a definitive of flamboyant genius and great impact for people around the world. It’s the mystery of a legendary mind, the individual genius of how he played the guitar. But what about the impact that he left on his biological family? Wouldn’t they have felt an even deeper impact of his untimely departure? How do they exist in a ‘Hendrix’ world? And how do they Keep Jimi alive in the 21st century?


As the daughter of Jimi’s only surviving biological younger brother Leon Hendrix who also doubled up as Jimi’s best friend whilst Jimi was alive, Tina Hendrix is Jimi Hendrix’s biological niece. Through the years after Jimi’s passing, the Hendrix family has faced many adversities. Much like the title of one of Jimi’s songs from the 70’s, Tina has spent the last 2 decades trying to find ‘The Power to love’ in a space filled with lawsuits and tumultuous division.

The death of her grandfather (Jimi’s dad) saw any remaining biological family members of the Hendrix’s cut out from the Hendrix Estate and a gagging order to not associate with “Hendrix” until January 2021 when the judge ruled in Tina’s favour. Against the wishes of Janie Hendrix, Tina was able to keep her name Hendrix. Since then, Tina has gone on a quest to not only expand the aid she provides for underprivileged children but to finally be able to gather the world to join her in honouring her uncle in his annual memorial.


This documentary follows Tina’s journey through all of the trials, obstacles and laughter’s in her passionate journey of awareness for where the Hendrix family name and her uncle Jimi sit today. Tina talks about the bloodline of her Hendrix family name from past through to present day. Her efforts to keep Jimi’s name alive and how she is using the name Hendrix to help a new generation of budding artists from the same underprivileged background from which Jimi once came, Seattle. The documentary will exclusively reveal and showcase Tina finally succeeding in gaining outside support from across the Atlantic in London, England; which poetically, was the same country that gave Jimi career his first big break as a solo artist, almost 60 years ago!


With the inclusion of additional, relevant contributors, we’ll be following her everyday efforts of the upkeep of honouring her uncle in ways that the world can finally be a part of… a festival in England!


The documentary will also include clips from the said festival taking place in 2023.

*For the purpose of this exercise, the below is an example of an exert from a 90-minute documentary solution*

ACT 1: Back story of the Hendrix journey
















Location: Seattle/New York/London


Led by Tina Hendrix with other contributors, Act one educates the viewer of the biological Hendrix family bloodline; Tina Hendrix giving an overview of interpretation of her uncle as a child growing up in Seattle and what it meant to her once she fully digested being the niece of Jimi Hendrix; a brief and neutrally, contextual understanding on who Janie Hendrix is, in relation to the biological family; the general disposition of Hendrix biological family life, pre 2010 with the inclusion of any Hendrix family feuds; The family disposition post 2010 with the inclusion of key lawsuits (win/loss); Tina’s efforts of contributions to her uncles legacy (Hendrix Music Academy, The Annual Hendrix Memorial previously held in Seattle until 2023) and her personal struggle and challenges that have come with this journey up until January 2021; The publics view on the name Hendrix…

[Opening Scene begins]

Camera journeying through a montage of different streets via London, England (Camden, Notting Hill leading to Mayfair's Hard Rock Cafe through to the newly renovated, Handel & Hendrix. 


[Camera cuts to Seattle where Jimi and his family grew up/where the last of his biological siblings still lives with his family]


[show’s emphasis on the poverty in various parts of the Seattle neighbourhood]


[Camera cuts to Vox pops].

streets of london.jpg

1. Shots of streets of London, Seattle etc.

poor seattle.jpg

2. Camera shots of some of Seattles poverty stricken areas.

Please access this file via your desktop device.

vox pops.jpg

3. various Scenes of Vox pops 

Vox Pops: “What’s your first thought when I say the name Hendrix to you?”

London local Person 1: “I think of the legend Jimi Hendrix!”

[Repeat numerous times]

Vox Pops: “What’s your first thought when I say the name Hendrix to you?”

Seattle local person 1: “He’s a guitar God!”

[Repeat numerous times]

Narration: Jimi was and still does represent many things to many people and, as the world continues to draw a certain familiarity from the maintained upkeep of the previously instated, reciprocal colourful embrace of Jimi and his legendary guitar skills; living in Seattle remains Jimi’s best friend and brother Leon Hendrix with his family including his daughter, Tina Hendrix. Tina has had to digest being the niece of Jimi Hendrix in her own way...

[Camera cuts to Tina functioning in her day to day life,]

Tina H voiceover: “When I was a little girl, my father would tell us stories about my uncle but I was too young to understand the true impact of my uncle Jimi until I got into my teens…”


4. Tina's voiceover on location at home...

Tina goes on to tell us the first time she realised the extent of her uncle’s legacy

[Studio setting, Tina talks to Camera]


Tina H to camera: “I remember one day, I went to go and visit his grave side in Seattle and there were so many people there from all around the world! When they realised I was there to visit my uncle, they wanted to share stories with me on how much he has touched their life with his music and even in some cases, saved them from death. I was more than moved by all of it and it finally sunk in that my uncle was not a mystical fairy tale as I had thought of him when my dad would tell me stories at bedtime; I realised he was a very real entity of great presence for the world and I knew then, I needed to do my bit to keep both his beauty and the Hendrix name alive. That’s my surname too!” 

5. Tina talks to studio camera 

Voiceover: Over the years Tina has not had the easiest of journeys in keeping her colourful interpreted outlook of her uncle’s legacy alive…

Tina H: In the past, alcohol and drugs had plagued older generations of some of the Hendrix family members”.


Tina walks the camera through her Hendrix wall of fame heavily covered with mounted photos of the Hendrix family tree.

5. Tina's home: "This is Jimi's mum, my grandma, this is Jimi with my dad..."

[Camera cuts to Jimi’s daughter]

7. Jimi's daughter briefly speaks on her father...

jimis daughter work.jpg

8. On location at Jimi's daughter's N.Y Office as she explains her role in the music industry...

Jimi’s Daughter to camera: “It’s only in more recent years that I’ve been able to accept to myself that I’m Jimi’s daughter. I have been in the shadows for many, many years and, I’m still in the shadows. Its so much pain to unravel but I’m so glad that we have Tina in our lives right now. We’re slowly piecing the jigsaw of our family together. Tina has been an absolute soldier in maintaining my father’s memorials over the years and we thank her for her courage and commitment on all fronts of what she does… we always kept hope that one day, she would get her flowers for the flowers that she gives Jimi”


Voiceover: Whilst Tina has lived in Seattle for most of her life, her first cousin has been living the life of a New Yorker. Like her father before her, Jimi’s daughter has carved out a lane for herself in the music industry but of the fairly shy and private disposition, she’s not one for the stage, she remains predominately behind the scenes upholding a lower key role…


Jimi’s Daughter to camera: “I’m trying to slowly but surely come into my own whilst knowing who my father is. It’s difficult because when people hear the name Hendrix, it can make them do all sorts of crazy things! Whilst people think it’s a great privilege, it has also been a huge hindrance at times also.  Ultimately, the strain of “Hendrix” is what took the life of my mother. I have siblings who I’m trying to connect with still till this day. I can’t find my brother and I’ve been searching for him for quite some years now…


Voiceover: As far as family feuds go, the Hendrix bloodline is not without more than its fair share. When Al Hendrix, Jimi’s father passed away, a legal battle ensued; Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s adopted sister went on to acquire the Hendrix estate and ultimately, Leon would be cut out of any Hendrix estates entitlements. Through the decades, the sunny memories of a closeness between two brothers and, once best friends have been overshadowed with a feeling of melancholy.

ACT 2: The Crossing of the Atlantic…

Act two delves further into the cantankerous relations between the Hendrix’s and the estate told through the lens of Tina Hendrix; Tina’s legal win; The Hendrix Music Academy & the children it helps; Tina’s enlisting of UK’s Planet Tutu Media, Marshall Amplifications, the UK based team putting together the Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival; interviews to camera;

[location: London/Seattle/Studio]

Voiceover: In earlier years, Leon had maintained an annual memorial for his brother back in their home county of Seattle before legal circumstances created a newer dynamic. This shift saw Tina step into her father’s previously self appointed role in maintaining the upkeep of her uncle Jimi’s annual memorials. Up until now they have remained in Seattle as a relatively smaller than hoped affair. She Also has a charity that she currently runs from home in aid of children from an underprivileged walk of life.


[Scene cuts to Tina at the Hendrix Music Academy]



Tina H to camera: “Having the name Hendrix means something! We all have a responsibility to honour the legacy that my uncle has left. I chose to do that through embracing the ideals of creativity and expression in music and the roles these elements play in the lives of children from an underprivileged space. My dad and my uncle came from nothing and were raised in an underprivileged community. Music can really aid the shaping of you from young and I’m pretty sure my uncle would agree with that sentiment which is why I created the charity ‘The Hendrix Music Academy’! If I’m here I may as well use the air I’m taking up to help others who need.” 


Voiceover: Like her father, Tina has had moments where she has previously come under fire from Janie Hendrix. And ultimately, like her father…  Tina would eventually find herself in a legal battle with Jimi’s adopted sister.

[Footage showing images of court case & press]

9. Children being taught by the teachers at the Academy

10. Images of courtroom for Tina Hendrix trial

11. tabloids of Hendrix estate lawsuit 

12. Tina didn't have enough legal fees

13. Tina raising funds from Hendrix Academy supporters for Court case 

14. The money helped Tina to win...

15. She was able to keep her name and continue teaching at the Academy

Voiceover: Unlike her father, in 2021 the judge ruled in Tina’s favour and she won her legal battle to retain the use of her birth name ‘Hendrix’ with the ability to use her name in the naming of her non profit, charitable organisation. But it wasn’t an easy victory. Not being able to afford legal fees, Tina Hendrix’s win was largely attributed to legal funds raised from the public so she could have the representation.


Tina H to camera: “Having the surname Hendrix, does not automatically equal financial wealth” says Tina…


Tina H to camera: “people expect for a completely different set up to what the Hendrix family set up actually is. They’re always so surprised when we explain the dynamics as they are and have been since my Grandfather passed away. Since he passed a lot of us were cut off and it’s been hard, not just financially but emotionally. I mean, family is family… is family, right?!”

Scene: Cuts to Tina at the Hendrix Music Academy…


Tina H to camera: “I won my most recent court case”;

[big smile]

Tina H :“I get to keep my name! Maintain honouring my uncle and aid a newer generation of struggle in my own little way”

16. Back at the Hendrix Music Academy

17. Tina talking to camera

Voiceover: In 2021, shortly after Tina successfully won the ‘right to remain a Hendrix’, Jimi’s daughter introduced her to Tutu in London England...


Tutu to camera: I first met both Jimi’s daughter and Niece in the 2021 lockdown. It was an honour to be able to interview a direct member of the Hendrix family bloodline. That’s up there with my Amy Interview! Once we started engaging, there was an instant warmth and chemistry which has followed through till present…

18. Tutu talks to camera

Tutu: We started getting into the interview and I realised there was so much more to the name Hendrix than we the public had processed for all of these years… there were all sorts of fractures and of course it led to me having so many questions… I have found myself wondering why there hasn’t been an annual global celebration of Jimi Hendrix, till this day?! But…”


Voiceover: Upon meeting Tutu in London, England, Tina found a kind of solace in the idea of being able to include as many people around the world to join her in celebrating her uncle whilst taking a bigger stance in the continuation of her charity work. 2023 marks as the 1st year the world holds hands with Tina Hendrix for her uncle’s annual memorial and the further enhancement of her namesake community charity.

ACT 3: Hendrix in London…

Act three draws conclusion on Tina’s views on the biological Hendrix family, what the future holds and where they go from here; future plans for the Hendrix Music Academy; The Annual Hendrix Memorial being an ode to her uncle whilst contributing to the future of music; footage of live acts performing at the2023 festival in England; Artist's/music execs/live performers talk to camera.

[Studio/England/Festival location]

Voiceover: In 1966, Jimi Marshall Hendrix who was still relatively unknown was introduced to another man of the same name, Jim Marshall whilst performing at a gig in London. The two hit it off and as one was taking flight into a space of worldwide iconic status the other Jim by association with the former would go on to amass world wide success with what has sustained as the benchmark go to iconic Amplifications manufacturing business, Marshall Amplifications.


Marshall Amps Head of Music to camera: “Once Jimi Used our Amp back in 65” that was it! Marshall Amps and Jimi were synonymous from there on and always will be.”

19. Marshall Head of music talks to camera

20. Scene cuts to Woodstock Festival footage

[Marshall Exec goes on to share his thoughts on Jimi Hendrix as a life long icon in his field.]


Marshall Exec to camera: “I was too young for the great moments of the 60’s but I’m honoured to be representing a part of rocks history in our today. Jimi was a pin up of mine growing up and at the same time, If it wasn’t for Jimi, the Marshall Amplification story could’ve taken an entirely different route so for us, when we were approached to join forces with Jimi’s niece in coming together in the name of a new generation of rock music whilst paying homage to it’s roots, it was a no brainer; of course we were on board! Let’s not forget Rock started from Rock n roll which was a derivative from the Blues which as we all know started with Black people. Our only gripe is that, we at Marshall wish this great project could’ve happened sooner

[In 1969 the historical Woodstock festival took place in the United States for which JBL were the providers of audio solutions…]

JBL Exec to camera: “Historically, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing music events and milestones; We helped to build the Grateful Dead’s ‘wall of Sound’!  Worked with Eric Clapton, We even provided the sound for Live Aid! But the one that stands above that for me has to be Woodstock of 69! What a magical time to be alive that must’ve been!”

21. JBL Exec talks to camera

JBL Exec: "We’ve had a working relationship with Tutu since 2019 so when she told us what was happening with Tina Hendrix, coupled with our historical connections with Jimi, it was a no brainer to get involved and be a part of this!”

Scene cuts to live performances at the festival


Act 1 talks to camera: “Jimi is the reason I’m a musician today. He is the reason I found the courage to follow my dreams. I was a teacher before and so it’s an honour to aid Tina in this amazing cause…”

[Repeat with numerous acts and music industry personnel] 

22. Rock act performing at The 2023 Festival

23. Rockstar talking to camera after performance

[Tina and crew express elation at the coming together of affairs, knowing this will aid her in helping a new generation of musicians reach their potential through successions of The Annual festivals in England.]


Voiceover: "The Hendrix Music Academy can now expand and hire more teachers to help more underprivileged children in Seattle although, Tina has hopes to spread this aid around the world… much like before, the name Hendrix can have a positive impact on a generation of people for the 21st century! But what about family life..?"


Tina H to camera: “This is what it's all for... the future of music!"

[The subject turns to the structuring of biological members of the Hendrix family]

Tina to camera: As more ‘genuine’ family come out from the woodworks over the years, we’ve expanded on our Hendrix wall and we’ll continue to do that.

24. Scene cuts back to the Academy

tina to cam.jpg

25. Tina, talks to camera...

Tina H to camera: [Takes a breath and slight roll of eyes] “There’s been some not so welcome attempts of people claiming the Hendrix DNA too... but they always run when we ask them to take a blood test…” [Tina chuckles]

26. Tina, talks to camera...

Jimi daughter at end comic.jpg

27. Jimi's daughter rounds up her thoughts to camera

28. Camera focus's on Hendrix Academy Students' on stage

Camera focus on: Members of the biological Hendrix family, other performers, enjoying The Hendrix Music Academy perform live.

Camera cuts to Jimi's daughter expressing feelings on journey so far; the ability to celebrate her father...

Jimi's daughter to camera: [laughter] "What can I say..."


[Camera cuts to 2023 festival stage]...Tina gives final thoughts to camera...

29. camera Shots of 2023 festival

30. Tina at festival location

The documentary closes on Tina's last thoughts to camera

[Roll Credits]

Please note: There are other contributors to this documentary

This story board acts as an overview of the documentary solution for 90 minutes only; if it is deemed that a 6-part documentary solution is more applicable, we are happy to look into that option.  

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