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In a world full of media where only 4% of all media companies in the U.S are black owned whilst in the UK, that same figure of 4% represents ALL black owned companies further to the above, there are 0% black owned major music media/entertainment corporations  and 0,2 percent of UK journalists are black with 88 % being white. 

Planet Tutu aims to be a fresh breath of much needed and welcomed media conglomerate, air. 



major Festivals and live music events.

Weekly music entertainment audio productions

Small screen documentary productions

(Planet Tutu Rockers weekly Podcast)

online culture magazine

Culture reflected Apparel (merchandise)




We start with the rollout of our first major festival: The Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival.

30,000 capacity in year one, forecasting 60,000 cap by year 5 and 80,000 capacity by year 10. The appointed grounds for the festival (of which has already been agreed and approved by the land owners) spans 850 Acres and has has capacity for 600,000. whilst we will never go to full capacity the end goal is a consistent year in year out 200,000 capacity by the year 2043. 

This is the current focus at this point in time and the lead reason for venture capital. for more on this project please click here.


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