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Acronyms: TAHMF: The Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival.                                     
A Letter From Tina Hendrix/Intro.

A letter from Tina Hendrix:

Hi, My Name is Tina Hendrix I am the biological Niece of Jimi Hendrix. As we are all aware, my uncle departed some many years ago. Regardless, we as his biological family have maintained him in our hearts for as many years as he has been gone.  We are all so touched with the knowing that the world also keeps Jimi dear in its heart. For the past 53 years, we have honored Jimi with an annual memorial. Biological Hendrix family members and close family friends come together with humility to embrace all that Jimi means to us. Most importantly, rounding off the day/weekend by visiting Jimi’s resting place. It’s always a beautiful, intimate affair. Over the years, we’ve further involved ourselves in doing what we can to maintain and honor Jimi and keep him present in our lives and the lives of others through a space of authenticity; in particular; I, Tina Hendrix have founded The Hendrix Music Academy. THE HENDRIX MUSIC ACADEMY The Hendrix Music Academy provides free music lessons and delves into providing a deeper understanding of emotional and physical wellness for the healthy growth of our young generation who may not have otherwise had the readily made opportunities to reach their full potential in life. Through this dedicated space the children are exposed to positive role models and an environment in which to thrive. Currently, this charity has been put in place in Jimi’s home district of Seattle to aid those in local impoverished societies. With the right resources, there is every intention to establish, grow and expand to reach others on a global scale through The Hendrix Music Academy charity ethos. My uncle was a self taught guitarist who, as a child was raised in a less than desirable, poor community in Seattle; we have no doubt that the charity echoes the continuation of Jimi’s growth and sentiments of positively touching the souls of many others. We've teamed with Planet Tutu Media Production House and from September 2024 we’ll be opening up my uncle’s memorial day to the world on an annual basis. This celebration will simultaneously act as a fundraiser to further assist our quest to help as many children in need whilst we feed music to the globe.

Tina Hendrix & Kelly Clarkson....



To have a better understanding of Tina Hendrix and the direct impact that the charity, The Hendrix Music Academy has on those that attend, watchTina in conversation with Kelly Clarkson below.

1942 - 1970

Event Details & Key Personnel...






Event Location: Isle of Wight, England

Venue Address: Afton Down PO36 0JP

Event Date: 6th September 2024 – 8th September 2024 PLEASE NOTE THESE DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE (YEAR)

Event Start: 6th September - 22:00 BST 

Event Finish: 8th September - 01:00 BST 

Grounds Space: 850 Acres

Grounds Capacity: 600,000

Event Capacity:  30,000 

Demographic: 18yrs + (Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult)

Ticket price: £195 Stnd/Weekend pass  (Early bird  - £156)  £85 Day pass (Early bird -  £68)



Production Company - Planet Tutu Media

Tina Hendrix  - Director/ Principle Partner 

Tutu Balogun - UK Director/ Principle partner:​​

Shane Batchelor - Head Licensing  Isle of Wight

Neil Roberts - I.O.W Operations Director

Harry Williams - UK, Operations Manager

Ross Edgerton - Director of Staging/ Sound & Generator.​​

Craig Johnson/AP SecurityHead of Security

Julie Contstable - Head of Vendoring Partners

Nick  Ede - Head of UK PR

All Personnel have extensive experience working in major festivals such as Isle of Wight Festival, Reading Festival, Bestival and the amazing Glastonbury; and/or live productions. Continue reading for more info

Tina Hendrix:

has been working tirelessly in putting on The Annual Hendrix Memorial albeit, on a smaller scale & budget back in Seattle Washington, for over 13 years. She respects and tries to honour her uncle, most notably ,acknowledging the "spread love" elements. She's taken time each year to go on peace marches with banners of her uncle. In more recent years she's been joined by Jimi's daughter to carry on the beauty of his work and visits to the his graveside in Seattle.. The Hendrix Music Academy requires growth for the truest impact Tina can give, which is at the core of this festival.

"Tutu, this just means I can start to pay the volunteers of The Hendrix Music Academy for all the time they've dedicated. And I can move the Academy out of my home and think about expansion" Tina Hendrix 2022


Tutu Balogun:

Tutu has just under 20 years experience in the creative music industry and has an in-depth understanding of the various professional spaces. She' well versed in tech & audio and a mastermind at going through the woes and tides to pull a project through to completion.. A nerd at heart, she started out as a club DJ (various countries) and radio broadcaster; then moving on to controlling the technicals in any studio to simultaneously produce and present Radio. She has a B.A Degree in Graphic Design, over time extending her design skills to web design, finally moving forward as Director of a Multi Media Production Company, all with a smile!  She's curated and put on music events wth UK's Channel 4, partnered with Def Jam UK as well as created, commissioned media productions with Tiger Aspect media for Channel 5.  Her unique skill sets match the requirements for this project. She is the brains behind the entire re-brand for the Hendrix Music Academy (to be revealed later this year.) as well as the branding you see on this page for "Tina Hendrix presents the Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival" Through Planet Tutu Media, she's sourced a viable team to execute the intended for this festival project 

"Starting from 7 yrs old, I've been a creative before I even knew what the word meant, It's my whole life's identity and my truth! Building Planet Tutu Media was alway about bringing forward a space to aid and support growth for the creatives of tomorrow. This project and what it will do, breathes life to that... Let's go!" Tutu Balogun 2022

Neil Roberts:

Will oversee much of the operations on the ground in Isle of Wight. He has extensive experience and is held in the highest regard for his contribution to festival culture over the decades. He comes with great reviews from all who've worked with him including the Isle of Wight Festival team and Reading Festival. He has experience in overseeing team operations of 10,000 to 40,000 capacity festivals; including logistics for vehicle traffic plans and pedestrian safety measure logistics in and around festival grounds, health & safety and festival ground mapping. Neil also has a strong black book on countless outsourced festival professionals who will be enlisted for this project. And he resides on the Island having moved from mainland England some years ago. Needless to say, we're pleased to have him on board.

"I've been working festivals my whole life... I don't do it for the money any more, I don't need it. I pick and choose and do it because I believe in the wholesome magic it brings for a mass of people in a moment in time. I'm more than happy to do this for a lower rate than i'm used to, I support the cause of the Hendrix Music Academy." Neil Roberts - 2023

Harry Williams:

Is the youngest of the crew but has global experience in operations. Trained to the highest level in production from his Eton tutor means he's had the finest track record in his area of expertise. He's since gone on to work in leadership roles in 3 continents and has been head hunted by Tutu to come on board this project. He comes with a certain worldly experience & a wealth of contacts deemed useful for this project. Harry has facilitated a private jets solution at significantly reduced cost where needed for the artists travelling from abroad and has been working on further festival logistics.

"I'm 29 and Jimi is a legend to me! Working on a project like this, I would've done it for free! It's one of my more worthwhile roles in business. Everything else has been about money but this, this is for Tina and the Hendrix Music Academy. Harry Williams - 2022

Ross Edgerton:

Ross Edgerton and the rest of the Spyder UK team have had ample experience in providing and building staging for festivals, concerts & tours. Last year saw them providing special effects for the staging of Little Mix on tour and for Pete Tongs House Music tour. They've provided solutions for Reading, Isle of Wight and Bestival for many years. and a whole host of tours & concerts in more recent years. We're in safe, experienced hands.

"Isle of Wight are needing some thing fresh and authentic for the tail of summer. This will be a nice compliment to the Isle of wight festival in June" Ross Edgerton - 2022

Shane Batchelor:

Has worked on the isle of Wight for a few decades (previously as a Police Officer) and currently oversees all licensing for festivities on the IslandHe has a working relationship with Neil Robert and has assured Tutu that he will co-operate in giving as much additional aid as is needed to lead to a road of success for the festival.

"We'll always do what we can to help out for new festivals coming to the Island, you've got our vote!" Shane Batchelor - 2022


Julie Constable:

Has worked with numerous large festivals (Glastonbury, Reading Fest, Isle of Wight and a host of many others) She's been known within the festival world for over 25 years and counting. Julie, with the support of her outsourced team will keep on top of the festival's, many vendors.

"When I was 9 years old, my dad took me to the Isle of Wight Festival back in 1970.  I think i knew  back then, that was going to be my future... festivals" Julie Constable - 2022

Nick Ede:

Nick is  is no stranger to global PR projects or charitable fundraising affairs. He has appeared on Project Catwalk since 2008 (gaining the nickname "the Simon Cowell of fashion"). In more recent years, Nick has been part of the PR team instrumental in introducing Meghan Markle to the UK media & public.

Currently, he is co-producing two new developments for Netflix  streaming both in the UK and abroad.

He created the campaign styleforstroke which has fans including Mel B, Kelly Osbourne, Vogue Williams and many more. He has been instrumental is building brands and has worked with the philanthropist Eva Longoria. Once dubbed "the nicest man in PR, Nick maintains great friendships with "all the right people" in todays Music and media world. Click here for Nick Edes latest expert on-line contribution to Daily Mail. 

"This is all so exciting! If you need help with the documentary let me know I know everyone at Netflix!" Nick Ede - 2023

 Afton Park Owners:

"It'll be our honour to have Jimi Hendrix's niece host her fundraiser festival on our land! with the rest of the crew. I already know Neil, he's one of the islanders and he's great" Afton Down Land owner - 2023

Excluding the above and other outsourced contractors mentioned, waiting in the wings is an in-house team of 12 dedicated working personnel.

Additional Partners are to include :

Marshall Amplifications.

Marshall are synonymous with all things Hendrix and will be heavily involved with the Festival. It' is through Hendrix that we will gain. the additional partnership of MOBO's

MOBO Unsung

MOBO Unsung seek to champion new breakout artists from a space of inclusion ...


JBL will be a source of provision of the festivals audio output solutions.



Event Location............................


We're pleased and privileged to share with you that the festival will be held at Afton Down where the original Isle Of Wight Festival was held in 1970. This was officially the last place that Jimi Hendrix performed before sadly, passing away 3 weeks later. 


The Site had been laying "festival dormant" since the famous IOW festival of 1970 when over 600,000 festival goers were in attendance to watch many legends of their time.  The UK claims back one of our most iconic festival sites for a new era in the 21st century. 

The owners have done due diligence with the land to assure the team, the main stage set up can be placed in the exact same location where Jimi last performed.

Below shows images with a comparison from the festival of 1970:

Images 1, 2 & 6 shows the original landscape whilst images 3 & 4 (taken in the summer of 2023 by Neil Roberts - Festival Operations Director) shows the same space in todays landscape. 



IOW FEST 70.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 00.51.47.png


2 Stages & 3 Tents......................
DRIX 99999.jpg




To honour Jimi in good reflection, we take influence from Woodstock to recreate a stage in likeness. We’re aware that times have moved on and so has technology. We expect some deviation from the original staging on account of health and safety; nonetheless, this is the template from which we draw inspiration for our creation. Please refer to the stage specs below:

Hendrix Memorial Stage/Stage 1                                             Grid Structure: TD50 Grid                                              Grid size: 16.9m wide x 12.0m deep (55’ x 40’

 Stage 2                                                 Grid Structure: HD34 Grid with FD32 supports.         Grid Size: 10.8m wide x 8.3 deep


Tented stage 1 sponsored Stage                                  10,000 capacity

Tented stage 2 sponsored stage.                                 5,000 - 6,000 capacity

drix.   2.jpg



Camping & Glamping..................




With 850 Acres of land, there'll be plenty of room for 30,000 festival goers and various personnel to set up home on site for the weekend..

There'll be seven ticket holder camp site locations on the festival grounds for the duration of the weekend, with a further four for staff and other personnel.


Due to the nature of the event and location on the island, the event will be encouraging a full weekend stay for festival goers and ticket sale packages will reflect that.

Artist Line Up...............................



drix.  111.jpg
drix.  111.jpg

The Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival team adhere to engage with Marshall Amplification and continue conversations with key music management/agents from our engagements in 2022. This will add to the curating of a fine tuned line up of artists with our expected headliners to include Ed Sheeran, Andre 3000 (played Jimi in an independent cinematography, biopic adaption) and honorary performing guest Carlos Santana. The artist line-up for the Hendrix stage is a reflection of many things, including Jimi Hendrix’s previous, undying wish to be accepted by his kin people in his lifetime.


Ed Sheeran: to headline on closing night.


Andre 3000: Day Two Headliner


:Carlos Santana: Closing Live Act


Interactive list of performing artists (in no particular order)

Ed Sheeran: to headline on closing night.

PR & Marketing............................



drix.    6.jpg

The festival will have hired, top PR Personnel(s), whilst we curate our own in-house marketing strategies for spaces across a number of channels relevant to the festival's overall theme, what/who it represents and who the targeted demographic are.

Think; NME, Rolling Stone magazine, Dazed and Time Out as well as more traditional Rock magazines such as Q Magazine.

For radio, it's across the (main) board on the BBC fronts alongside commercial radio  adverts on stations Capital radio, Kerrang etc... .


For press we would be looking at Newspapers such as Evening Standard and The Guardian.

Where possible, advertisement budget will be set aside for posters and billboards.


Months leading up to the festival, we'll have a 5-minute bite-size podcast series each week with some of the featured performing artists and personnel involved in the fest. The podcasts will feature on social media and YouTube.

Social media will play a role in the Marketing aspect of things with campaigns designed to include engagement with both influencers and everyday online users.



Hashtag campaigns 



Billboards & posters in key spaces within the UK. 

BUS 2024.jpg


Artists & Music personnel. 

drix.   7.jpg
drix 11111111.jpg






27 short years of life in the 20th century solidified Jimi Hendrix and the name forever.


22 years and counting into a new century and still, we have people such as the modern rapper 'Future'  who's taken to changing his name to "Future Hendrix" in a quest to further align himself with Jimi.  Zayn (previously of One Direction) has recently released a duet song, with Jimi Hendrix.  The name and what it represents still has a grip on our modern culture


So, who/what demographic are we focusing on to attend The Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival?


  • He/she/they/them may draw inspiration from yesterdays retro, they're also very much in today. Their in the know of modern culture; living in a world that checks their social status, is 1 of their 5-a-day. 

  • Understated energy, yet confidence in owning the vibe that is, "flamboyantly sophisticated" (Yes, we just made up the term but, it works!).

  • He/she/they/them will be a free thinker and love the idea of freedom of expression with a smile.

  • They'll be welcoming of memorable, good times with their friends knowing Y.O.Y.O.

Target Demograpic.......................



We anticipate that many people from various age groups will want to be in attendance once they hear the name "Hendrix" be it Tina or otherwise. However,  in  keeping with the above, we have a core focus of demographic for  our target festival goer.  



  1. 70% 18+ yrs+ - 35 yrs

  2. 35+ yrs

  3. 60% Female

  4. 40% Male

          1 day we'll lk      back an remember that time we stayed up all      in the middle of a 850 acres field looking at the     and watching the    come up for a new day of an unforgettable festival; laughing over some         aaaawwwwhhh! .



        J remember that time ur fav artist crd        right ova your head?! I nearly died from             laughter the look on your face       lol.  



          ah Jane, Ive got a      of that, I'll post it tomz and tag all of you ha!.


      Sals, that time when the whole crowd was chanting the words to the song with each other?! That was peng insane! 'I'm defo coming back next year...! Jane? Sal? you lot better be coming too!!"  or its gonna be the #bombasticsideeye        #criminallyoffensivesideeye

DRIX 202020.jpg

Jane (J) is 23yrs, Sally (Sal)  is 24yrs and John is going to be 29 in December... They're work colleagues.




With the target demographic being what it is, the concept of branding has been thought through  and meticulously executed 


Boldness in colour takes play with a clear brand direction and message for the festival... "A festival to Remember" Starting from the visuals all the way through to the live experience, you won't forget "Tina Hendrix presents The Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival",  further aiding in bringing awareness for The Hendrix Music Academy.  Our thinking is "the mind should process both divisions, as a whole".  Below are some of our branding and uses there of, examples .

Official General Poster 1(USA Edition)

Official UK Bus Stand Poster


Virtual branded vintage vehicles on location

Virtual for festival banners on location

drix 000.jpg

Virtual festival branded giant haystack on location

drix 0.jpg

Virtual for festival branded VIP area

Example festival branded Camper Van

drix.  00.jpg
drixx 1.jpg
drix 22222.jpg
drix 111111_edited.png
drix 9999.jpg
DRIX 99999.jpg
drix 11111111.jpg
Ticket Sales & Revenue..



The festivals overall cost has been budgeted at £6.8 million. (Please note this is with the inclusion of a few subsidisedrates from both artists and personnel) 


Sponsored partnerships will add to the revenue towards costs for the festival. Ticket sales, On site vendors, Merchandise and a one off Documentary cover our net & gross.

We turn our attention to Ticket sales. The festival location space (850 Acres) is a humungous space of land and will always leave room for expansion in keeping with  Isle of Wight Act.  should one choose/need to expand At this point, our head count of ticket holders on any given of the 3 days will be 30,000


Below are tables A), B), C) & D) These tables seperate the ticket types with their respective costs including early bird reductions for each type of ticket.Tables A) & B) focus on Weekend Passes only, whist C) & D) focus on day passes:

Target =

Forecast =

Subtotal =

Total =

A)  Early Bird Weekend Pass. Ticket price £156 (20% discount) 

Year One (2024)                Target:        3,000 Attendees        =  £468,000

Year One (2024)                Forecast    3,000 Attendees        = £468,000


Year Two (2025)               Target:        3,000 Attendees        = £468,000

Year Two (2025)               Forecast:    3,000 Attendees        = £468,000


Year Three (2026)            Target:         3,000 Attendees        =  £468,000

Year Three (2026)            Forecast:    3,000 Attendees       =  £468,000

B)  Weekend Pass. Ticket price £195 (Full Price) 

Year One (2024)                Target:       27,000 Attendees        =  £5,265,000

Year One (2024)                Forecast    21,000 Attendees        = £4,095,000


Year Two (2025)               Target:        27,000 Attendees        = £5,265,000

Year Two (2025)               Forecast:    25,000 Attendees        = £4,875,000


Year Three (2026)            Target:        27,000 Attendees        =  £5,265,000

Year Three (2026)            Forecast:    27,000 Attendees       =  £4,680,000

C)  Early Bird Day Pass. Ticket price £68 (20% discount) x 3 days

Year One (2024)                Target:       1500 Attendees        =  £,306,000

Year One (2024)                Forecast    1500 Attendees        = £306,000


Year Two (2025)               Target:        1500 Attendees        = £306,000

Year Two (2025)               Forecast:    1500 Attendees        = £306,000


Year Three (2026)            Target:        1500 Attendees        =  £306,000

Year Three (2026)            Forecast:    1500 Attendees       =  £306,000

D)  Day Pass. Ticket price £85 (Full Price) x 3 Days

Year One (2024)                Target:       28,500 Attendees        =  £7,267,500

Year One (2024)                Forecast    22,500 Attendees        = £5,737,500


Year Two (2025)               Target:        28,500 Attendees        = £7,267,500

Year Two (2025)               Forecast:    26,500 Attendees        = £6,757,500


Year Three (2026)            Target:        28,500 Attendees        =  £7,267,500

Year Three (2026)            Forecast:    28,500 Attendees       =  £7,267,500

Now that we can see the respective pricing of each ticket type and potential net worth of tickets sold both in  our target and forecast, we move forward to the realistic ticket sale dynamics of year 1 with the inclusion of the percentage of early bird tickets being sold against our standard price ticket prices, over 3 days. We start with the target and follow with the forecast summery. Please see below: 





Below is the overview for our base line of ticket combination Sales in year 1; a percentage breakdown of  sales. The figures are based on target sales of 30,000 tickets.

E/B/D = Early Bird Day Pass

E/B/W = Early Bird Weekend  Pass

Early Bird Ticket sales = 15% in Total Target sales:

E/B/D      £68             05% ticket sales                 Target         1,500 Persons x 3 days        =     £306,000 Exc. V.A.T

E/B/W  £156             10% ticket sales                 Target          3,000 Persons x 3 days       =     £468,000 Exc. V.A T

Subtotal: =  £774,000 Exc V.A.T

S/D/P = Standard Day Pass

S/W/P = Standard Weekend  Pass

Standard Price Ticket sales = 85% in Total Target sales:

                 25% ticket sales                 Target          7,500 Persons x 3 days            =  £1,912,500 Exc. V.A.T

               60% ticket sales                   Target        18,000 Persons x 3 days           =  £3,510,000 Exc. V.A T

S/D/P.  £85
S/W/P .£195 

Subtotal: = £5,422,500 Exc V.A.T

Net Total: = £6,196,500


Below is the overview for ticket Sales in year 1; including all ticket types and a percentage breakdown of sales. The figures are based on forecasted sales of 24,000 tickets.

E/B/D = Standard Day Pass

E/B/W = Standard Weekend  Pass

Early Bird Tcket Sales are 18.75% in total sales:

E/B/D       £68pp             6.25% ticket sales                 Target         1,500 Persons x 3 days        =     £306,000 Exc. V.A.T

E/B/W  £158pp              12.5% ticket sales                 Target         3,000 Persons x 3 days        =     £468,000 Exc. V.A T

Subtotal: = £774,000 Exc V.A.T

S/D/P = Standard Day Pass

S/W/P = Standard Weekend  Pass

Standard Ticket Sales are 81.25% in total sales:

 S/D/P  £85                   23.25% ticket sales                 Target          5,700 Persons x 3 days        =  £1,453,500 Exc. V.A.T

S/W/P £195                   57.5% ticket sales                 Target        13,800 Persons x 3 days        =   £2,691,000 Exc. V.A T


Subtotal: = £4,144,500 Exc V.A.T

Net Total: = £4,918,500

TAHMF Event Budget                                                                                        Net Total = £6,800.000

TAHMF Event Budget, 33% via Sponsored Partnership(s)                         Net Total = £2,244.000

The Hendrix Music Academy Charitable Funds Raised Target                  Gross       = £786,534,50
  • Where necessary we can and will re-evaluate the current ticket sale structure in favour of a higher % of day passes being sold over the 3 days.  

  • We know if we book Ed Sheeran, we'll hit our target of 30,000 capacity. Marshall Amplifications have the connections on this, they have belief we can get Ed booked within our budget, once he is informed as to the what & why.

  • The staff on our team are being contracted for a reduced financial gain.

  • We've made arrangements with some of the contractors over a 3-year financial plan.

  • The acres will be allocated to us for a reduced financial gain.

  • We've been assured by some of the performing acts that they can perform for a reduced financial gain.

  • In the event of TAHMF reaching  Net target, we'll restructure our Target For year 3 as well as, our forecast for years 2 & 3

Additional Revenue.........



This festival is a classic camping/glamping festival, as such, there will be additional bolt on s for ticket sales i.e tiered caravan space purchase prices, we're still deliberating on prices. ..


The Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival has designed two focused lines of  Apparel.We'll be teaming up with a well appointed Apparels partner. 


The festival's location holds great advantages for vendors and the festival organisation. Its 2 miles to the mainland so we predict, most festival goers will purchase from within the grounds.


Additional's will be added to the  festival such as outdoor cinema night and silent disco (It's a world exclusive for the two DJ's who will grace the wheels of steel for this first Uk based event) and a few more bits up our sleeve.


And of course there is the documentary.

Thank You........................

Thank you for taking the time to read the Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival x The Hendrix Music Academy presentation. This page page is intended to provide an overview of the festival operation and creative direction with an underline as to why the festival is happening in the first place.


The Annual Hendrix Memorial Festival would like to invite Pirate Studio's into discussion in reference to coming on board as a partner. We have a clear understanding on Pirate Studio'; as such,  have a presentation at hand to share and discuss with you should this be of interest.

This festival is about inclusion and creative togetherness, giving the UK a unique chance to come together and put an additional, significant stamp on the world of live music and are seeking to engage only with establishments relevant to the core of this project.

We look forward to further engaging with you on the matter.

Kind Regards.

Photo courtesy of Tina Hendrix
Please access this page via your desk/laptop device. Thank you.
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